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about asi

Founded and led by entrepreneur, Frank Lonardelli, Arlington Street Investments (ASI) is a Calgary based investment firm that is focused on value creation through the entire development process. Arlington Street Investments is named after the Winnipeg Street that Frank grew up on with his mother and three sisters and is a tribute to the life lessons learned there.

Committed to innovation and strategic thinking combined with transparency and accountability, ASI creates projects that yield significantly higher returns than traditional Real Estate investment options. Our investment partners include accredited investors, ultra high net worth investors, family offices, and institutional investment houses.

Not unlike the lotus, a beautiful flower that emerges from a muddy pond, ASI creates beauty in unexpected places and sees possibility where others might not. Drawing on inspiration from major centres like Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, New York, and Chicago, ASI’s investments revitalize and enhance neighborhoods, setting a new standard for architecture in Canada.

All of ASI’s projects are built with purpose to create legacy through innovative and thoughtful design. When you see or enter an ASI building – you will know it was built by them – the design, detail and execution are flawless.

ASI is not just a developer – they are entrepreneurs working with entrepreneurs committed to aligning the values of the community with their own. Community building and consultation is at the core of their work ensuring the needs of the community are recognized and met. ASI is in the business of building and revitalizing communities and investing in progress.


We Create Strong Real Estate Investments in Western Canada’s Urban Markets.

We Build Unique Properties That Fulfill Our Customer and Communities Aspirations.

Our Company is a Place Where Commitment is Coveted and Ambition Combined with Integrity are Forged to Create Exceptional Results.


A place where people come to grow in a worthy endeavor to fulfill their personal goals and dreams


LOYAL – Building Raving Fans

  • Respectful – Confronting issues directly before they escalate
  • Collaborative – Making good agreements and following through
  • Transparent – Clear expectations with clear outcomes

AUDACIOUS – Playing a bigger game

  • Focused – Setting priorities and establishing consistent routines and reporting
  • Positive – Looking for opportunities and creating exceptional results
  • Grateful – Celebrating opportunity and rewarding great performance

INNOVATIVE – Always finding a better way

  • Simple – Asking, Is the activity moving us towards our goals or away from our goals?
  • Accountable – Getting the job done without excuses
  • Influential – Leading by example

AUTHENTIC – Keeping it real

  • Curious – Asking questions earlier, often and throughout the process
  • Compassionate – Listening without judgment
  • Disciplined – Being prepared, we overcome challenges to accomplish goals