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Arlington Street Investments is committed to finding beauty in unexpected places and creating developments in the path of growth. Frank Lonardelli translates this philosophy for business and development into philanthropy and support of the community through ASFS.

Our Foundation seeks to find the inner beauty of unexpected young people and supports them to achieve greatness.

ASFS is completely not-for-profit, run by volunteers with all monies raised going directly towards paying student tuition, books, and incidentals for the program. They currently support the post-secondary education of Gordon Bell High School students who are distinguished by their resiliency and commitment to succeed. The fund is inspired by the spirit, pride, desire, and ability to overcome adversity embodied by the families who immigrated to the downtown core of Winnipeg, Manitoba during the 1950’s.

As an alumnus of Gordon Bell High School, Frank was inspired by his own upbringing and struggle with school to make an initial investment of $100,000 to the fund. In ten years the goal for the program is to launch it throughout Western Canada and eventually on a national scale. This will be achieved through strategic partnerships and fundraising initiatives. Most recently, ASFS hosted a successful sold out fundraiser featuring silent auction items, such as a helicopter tour, various trips across Canada, hockey tickets and collectibles, diamond jewelry, complete BBQ packages and much more. In addition to this ASFS has attracted the attention and commendation of a former Prime Minister.

In 2014, ASFS’s first scholarship recipient, Lin Ruttan, successfully completed her teaching degree program and graduated from the University of Winnipeg. “We are all extremely proud of Lin and all that she has accomplished. Lin is an incredible role model for her peers and fellow scholarship recipients. She is the absolute result of what we originally envisioned and conceived this program to be.” ASFS Board

Mandate & Scope

ASFS views success from the perspective that personal achievement must be measured in consideration of what they have overcome, along with what they have achieved. The fact is that perseverance, desire and the ability to overcome personal adversity are integral characteristics of individuals who have excelled in all aspects of life; whether it be in business, family, politics and/or community involvement in general. Based on these beliefs, each year the fund will reward one Gordon Bell student who has shown determination and resiliency in school based athletics and academic pursuits. The scholarship will provide financial support and mentoring for the duration of that student’s first post-secondary program of studies.

Program Highlights

  • In 2014, ASFS’s first scholarship recipient, Lin Ruttan, graduated from the University of Winnipeg with her teaching degree.
  • ASFS hosted a successful sold out fundraiser.
  • Program was introduced to and raised the interest of a former Prime Minister who called Frank to commend him and the board on the work they are doing.
  • A documentary about ASFS will be launched in 2015.

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ASFS presents 2015 scholarship to Andy Nguyen

Frank Lonardelli presents at the 2014 Fundraiser

Frank Lonardelli and the Board Members of Arlington Street Foundation Scholarship present their experiences with the Foundation at the 2014 ASFS Fundraiser.

Frank Lonardelli addresses the 2014 GB Grads

Frank Lonardelli addresses the 2014 Gordon Bell Graduating Class and shares his struggles with adversity and how he persevered and triumphed through those challenges.

Frank Lonardelli addresses the 2010 GB grads

Frank Lonardelli Presenting the Arlington Street Foundation Scholarship to the 2010 Gordon Bell graduating class.

Arlington Street Foundation Scholarship

Frank Lonardelli addresses  students of Gordon Bell High School interested in the Arlington Street Foundation scholarship.  Frank explains his story, the foundation, and why it is so important to him.

The Storytelling Class

In an effort to build bridges of friendship and belonging across cultures and histories, Gordon Bell High School teacher, Marc Kuly, initiated an after-school storytelling project whereby the immigrant students would share stories with their Canadian peers. Watch a three minute clip for the full length documentary.